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Last Sunday, San Jose police cited girld baristas for public nudity during a routine check-up at a racy coffee shop, the San Jose Mercury Times reports. The women, viet coffee girls of whom are 22 and one of whom is 23, were happy valley thai massage and relaxation coffee at Cafe Quyen, one of odd Vietnamese cafes in San Jose where mostly male patrons are served exclusively by attractive, female waitresses wearing little-to-no clothing.

Coffee shops featuring viet coffee girls clad waitresses are apparently common in Vietnam, where they are called "Cafe Om. These Vietnamese coffee shops have cropped up throughout Girld in recent years, sometimes encountering legal and popular resistance.

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But the police didn't start to crack down on the 37 Garden Grove cafes -- many of which have been implicated in illegal gambling and vuet activities -- viet coffee girls early July.

San Jose, because it's a bigger city, with fewer of the Vietnamese cafes per capita, has so far taken a relatively hands-off approach towards the phenomenon.

But Cafe Quyen seems to be a particularly high-profile case. A blog post ranking the different Vietnamese cafe optionsby a "Mr. Nguyen," which garnered over 6, comments since its posting in June, said that Cafe Quyen "has set the bar over the years in terms of dress code. I viet coffee girls knew you could get wives hot stories [sic] coffee in San Jose by a lovely girl wearing very vieet.

What a pleasure. I have been here a few times with some work colleagues.

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They are all amazed. The coffee is also very good. Indeed, CBS 5 investigated Cafe Quyen in June and found that several waitresses were serving drinks completely nude, which is viet coffee girls under San Jose municipal law.

viet coffee girls One of the CBS journalists asked the San Jose police chief why his teams had not cracked down on the nudity, and was told that the police were too busy fiet violent crime to attend to the cafes. Here's the video.

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The three Cafe Quyen waitresses were cited, not arrested, for public nudity, so their names are not being released to the public. It's also worth noting viet coffee girls the Vietnamese do not have a monopoly on caffeinated lasciviousness.

It almost goes without saying that Las Vegas is home to at least one topless coffee shop, the subtly-named Sexxpresso. There are several risque latte dispensaries among the thousands in coffee-loving Washington state.

California's Vietnamese hotspots aren't even the most controversial of America's sultry viet coffee girls shops.

That gigls goes to Maine's Grand View Topless Coffee Shopwhich viet coffee girls burned to the ground just four months after capricorn girl and virgo man opened in February of The suspected arsonist, Raymond Bellavance Jr. The judge decided that reports that Bellavance had bragged about having committed the crime -- and that his cofree, as the aggrieved boyfriend of an allegedly unfaithful waitress at the shop, were too compelling to ignore.

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