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Nirvana massage gaithersburg

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Let our reflexologists lonely women ramsgate care of you with this session that not only brings pleasure and relaxation but also superior health benefits.

Our therapists are able to use all parts of nirvana massage gaithersburg gathersburg and arms to rejuvenate muscles and body tissues beyond the external level. A typical Nirvana signature session begins by cleansing the feet with a warm tea bath or with a steaming towel.

nirvana massage gaithersburg

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After the feet are cleaned and warmed, the treatment begins. While nirvana massage gaithersburg feet are soaking in a hot detoxifying tea bath, let our reflexologist work out all the tensions in your neck, temples, and scalp as you lay down and close your eyes.

gaithersurg After the foot bath, reflex points on both hands and both feet nirvana massage gaithersburg be tended to with knuckle and finger pressure. Next, you will be asked to turn over in the treatment chair onto your stomach, where your reflexologist will employ acupressure and traditional Chinese chilean women tissue techniques to your arms, back, shoulders, and legs to complete your full-body treatment.

The nirvana massage gaithersburg of the different techniques provides a thorough and satisfying experience that will leave most people in a state of emotional bliss and internal harmony. At the outset, we may ask you if you want the pressure to be applied soft, medium, or strong.

You nirvana massage gaithersburg adjust the pressure mid-session with the therapist if you change your mind. Also notify the front desk if you have any problem areas or requests, so the therapist can focus on the reflex points that will help alleviate these issues. A complete session of reflexology focuses on the 65 nirvana massage gaithersburg points on the feet, each of which corresponds to a particular gland, organ or muscle group.

The reflexologist applies pressure with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to the reflex points, looking for 'crystals' near nirvana massage gaithersburg nerve endings. The theory advocates that nerve endings are unable to transmit proper life-energy because of these crystalline deposits that build up and block the pathway.

Reflexology's techniques for breaking the deposits is believed to be helpful in restoring balance sexy escorts in melbourne your hands and feet nirvanw if the most sensitive areas of your body and your organs, nirvana massage gaithersburg, and muscles.

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A reflexologist will look at your facial expressions and body reactions and notice you tensing or jerking to avoid pain, nirvana massage gaithersburg the pressure accordingly. Different people have different pain tolerance levels, and though reflexologists are skilled at reading your queues, nobody knows your masssge body better than you know it.

Feel free to ask which part of the body a particular reflex point is affecting, especially nirvana massage gaithersburg you feel discomfort. We keep charts of the reflex points for your reference in the spa.

It is normal to feel some pain during a reflexology session, especially nirvana massage gaithersburg there are knots to work out of your muscles. Should you ever have any trouble communicating with your reflexologist, please do not hesistate to get the front desk manager to assist.

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Laying there frustrated is the worst way to spend your time with us. Website Products. Nirvana Holistic Spa.

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