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The magazine Playgirl famously launched as a source of sexual imagery targeted at presumably heterosexual women. It just stimulatlon famously ended up with a readership of mostly homosexual men.

The issue with such studies is the social and cultural baggage about sex and stimuoation that women likely bring into a controlled laboratory environment. With the goal of stripping away that baggage and focusing only on a biological response, a stimulstion group has collected and processed brain-imaging findings from 61 relevant studies, producing a need visual stimulation likely to generate some controversy.

His team sought to look more holistically at brain networks that respond to need visual stimulation sexual stimuli while excluding influences such as touch.

With that curtain out of the way, Need visual stimulation says, the team found that being online gay chat free or female contributes very little to which neural networks fire up in response to vishal erotica. To reach this new take on existing evidence, Noori and his co-workers examined studies that used functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI to compare brains of biologically male and female participants of different sexual orientations: The fMRIs reflected neural blood-flow changes when the brain kicked into gear while participants need visual stimulation arousing images.

Noori and his colleagues looked at regions that became active together during arousal, using statistics to control for connections that cropped up by chance.

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What they found was scarcely any sex-based need visual stimulation between men and women when brain networks responded to the visual stimuli. These findings counter earlier results suggesting stimultion differences, Noori and his co-authors say, including the oft-cited work of Kim Wallen and his colleagues, who reported sex-based arousal variations in a brain region called the amygdala.

In response need visual stimulation the new study, Wallen, a professor of psychology and behavioral neuroendocrinology at Emory University, questions some of the statistical conclusions.

He points ivsual that 90 percent of the participants in the 61 studies were heterosexual.

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For sexual orientation to really have had need visual stimulation big impact on the results, the neeed 10 percent of the population would have had to have a disproportionately big effect. Wallen points to a study his group published in that replicated its findings of differences in amygdala activation.

Noori and his need visual stimulation included the study in their meta-analysis, Wallen notes, but not the replication of those results. Noori says that bisual and his colleagues ran tests to see if adding in missing or overlooked data would have changed their results.

Because the replication study Wallen cites involved only 13 people per group, he says, its inclusion would be unlikely need visual stimulation move the needle much on these latest results. Another co-author of the and studies need visual stimulation sex differences in the amydala says that their conclusions were quite similar to what Noori and his team report: Hamann also points out that the smallest resolution Noori and his colleagues used in their brain measures would cover up to 20 percent of the amygdala.

Lurking within this one fifth, he says, could be finer-grained brain need visual stimulation that went undetected. Pursuing such fine-grained resolution to achieve the final word on differences—or lack thereof—between the sexes appears to be daunting.

This article has been updated to include a response by Hamid Noori to Kim Wallen's comment about the need for a comparison confined to male-and-female heterosexuals. She writes at the intersection of brain research and society. You have free article s need visual stimulation. Already a subscriber?

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