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Here on business n lookin to chill Look Couples

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Here on business n lookin to chill

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It's natural for workers to kick back in the summer--and this annual relaxing of our collective work ethic might just be productive: If you men 4rent hoping for a definitive survey to clarify whether that's true, keep dreaming. Two recent pieces of research come to very different conclusions. But the Captivate poll is far from the last work on the matter.

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Her answer also cites a survey but one that reaches pretty much the opposite conclusion. Ho the disagreements don't end with the question of whether summer's overall impact on productivity is negative.

It's evident in recent articles and posts that there's just as much argument over how to approach our collective urge to relax during the warm months. At Forbes, Marianne Bickle leads the charge for those who feel that bosses need to fight back against the impulse to loosen the rules as the temperature climbs here on business n lookin to chill, stressing that keeping productivity up means keeping the usual standards and practices in place.

She advises business owners and managers to:. But Bickle's tough line on giving in to our impulses to relax is far from universal. Other writers have come out in favor of acknowledging the unique summer vibe and trying to find productivity by embracing seasonal difference through flexibility.

nusiness For example, on Lifehacker, Melanie Pinola suggests, "you may be able to get a kick-start simply by changing your routine or environment. Try getting outside more during the workday e. Don't beat yourself up too much if you're not working as your ideal productive self.

Some days you'll be very productive, and perhaps other not," she writes.

Whether you take Bickle's more hard line approach or allow your team to bend their schedules and adapt their wardrobes to accommodate summer distractions, no entrepreneur wants a whole quarter of the year to go to waste. So if you're looking for inspiration on how to be productive when business drops off in the summercheck out Young Entrepreneurs Council's round up of older pussy Llanrwst founders' responses to the question, 'What odd jobs and tasks do you work on for your business during a slow season to keep busy and prepare for a busy time ahead?

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What's your approach to the lure of summer: As August nears, does your office have vacation on the bran? She advises business owners and managers to: Starting from the top-down, treat the summer months the same as fall, winter, and spring.

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Business is business. Give employees projects to be completed during the summer months.

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Be specific about work apparel. Place expectations in writing. If an employee disregards the expectations, send the employee home.

Set an example by being positive about work; it is far better collecting a paycheck during the summer months than sitting by the pool wishing for a paycheck. The opinions expressed here by Inc.

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