Church History

The first Seventh Day Baptist church in North America was established in Newport, Rhode Island in 1671. As colonists spread across the continent, Seventh Day Baptists slowly spread as well. The congregation in Daytona Beach began meeting in the home of David D. Rogers in 1875. In 1884, the necessary steps were taken for the congregation to incorporate under Florida law, including establishing its own constitution, bylaws and covenant.

From 1884 to 1890, the congregation's meeting house was located on Canal Street, at what is now 222 South Palmetto Ave., on land donated by Daniel Rogers. A flaw in the title caused the church to lose the property in 1890 after Daniel's death.

The congregation went back to meeting in homes until 1933, when land was purchased at 145 First Ave. and the current sanctuary was constructed. In 1946, an addition was added that became known as the social hall. A much larger addition was added in 
​1996-97 that provided ample space for a nursery, conference room classrooms, and a larger kitchen and fellowship area.

The founding members of the church were also some of the founding members of the city of Daytona Beach. David D. Rogers was the first resident Town Surveyor and was responsible for laying out the streets and city boundaries that would later become Daytona, Daytona Beach, and Seabreeze. His daughter, Dr. Josie Rogers served on city council, was the city's first female mayor, and became chief of staff of what is now Halifax Health Medical Center in 1947.
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